How Involved Can I Be In My Kindergarteners Day?

Many parents are more anxious about their child beginning kindergarten than the child is. Because of this parents want to know how involved they can be in their kindergarteners day and what they can do to spend some time with their child during the day. The following two suggestions are both helpful and ones that most schools allow. Of course, you will need to check with your childs school to see what the rules are before you just show up so you know for sure how involved you can be in your kindergarteners day. But, for the most part, the following two options are approved by most schools.

Have Lunch
Lunchtime is the most amount of free time your child will have during the day. Plus, you probably have a one hour lunch break that gives you enough time to stop by and spend some time with your child. Having lunch with your kid can be a great way to make them feel loved and special, but it can also make the child feel embarrassed. If other parents dont stop by for lunch and you are the only one then your child might feel strange that his mom/dad stops by even if he is glad to see you. Keep this in mind and ask your kindergartener how he would feel about you stopping by for lunch before you surprise him. He will let you know if he likes the idea or not and then you can make your plans accordingly. Also, after you stop by for lunch ask your child whether he enjoyed the surprise and wants to have lunch with you again or not. Your child will tell you how he feels and then you will know whether stopping by for lunch is a good idea or not.

Most schools accept volunteers and if you have the free time then you can volunteer at your childs school and even in your childs class. This will allow you to know what is going on in your childs life on a daily basis as well as spend time with your child. Lots of parents love the idea of volunteering but very few actually have the free time in their schedule. If you do have some free time then talk to your childs teacher about the best time to volunteer and what exactly you could help out with. Doing so will allow you to spend some time with your child during the day.