How Has Second Grade Changed Over The Years?

Second grade is, like many things, not what it used to be. The fact of the matter is that the educational system is always changing. Just over a century ago, for example, it was not uncommon in many rural parts of the United States to have just a one-room schoolhouse with a single teacher that would teach all of the children, regardless of what grade they were in. Over the years, the education system itself has changed, and so second grade has change along with it. In addition, the various regulations and benchmark requirements put forth by various levels of government have also affected the way that academic programs are implemented over the years.

One of the biggest overall changes in second grade over the years has been in the area of homework. While it may not have been uncommon in the eighteenth and nineteenth century for a student to have quite a lot of homework, the fact is that for the most of the twentieth century students had a minimal amount of homework compared to what they have now. This upward trend in the amount of homework given over the years has affected second grade, as well as most of the school years.

Another way that second grade has changed over the years is in the content that is taught. As we make advances in science, for example, different things, and often more advanced topics, are going to be covered in the second grade. This holds true in other areas, but it may be that science is the area that has changed the most over the years.

Finally, the last way that second grade has changed over the years is in the tools that teachers use to teach and students use to learn. Many classrooms today utilize a variety of technologies to help with teaching, from computers to DVD players to laser pointers. In some ways, these tools of technology can definitely encourage learning. In other cases, it is possible that they distract from learning a bit. Overall, though, these uses seem to be positive.