How Does Swaddling Help My Baby Sleep?

Hospital nurses are pros at swaddling babies and they generally give new moms a lesson or two while they are in the hospital. There are a lot of reasons to swaddle your baby, but perhaps one of the most important ones is to help your baby get good rest each and every night. If your baby is sleeping you will be able to sleep as well so swaddling is a great thing for the whole family. There are many reasons why swaddling will help your baby sleep and these include keeping baby from jerking, warm, secure, and healthy.

Jerk Reflex – Moro Reflex
Babies have a strong jerk (Moro) reflex that frequently wakes them from deep sleep. However, once your baby is deep in sleep you want them to stay that way so swaddling is a wonderful option. The reason is because swaddling confines your babies limbs and keeps the jerk reflex to a minimum. The less your baby is jerking the better he will be able to sleep so swaddling during the first month of life is a good idea.

Babies’ internal thermostat is not completely functioning when they are first born. As a result, babies sometimes get very cold even in warm rooms. The best way to prevent your baby from being cold and crying is to swaddle him. You will notice that as you swaddle your baby he will cuddle into the receiving blanket, loving the warmth and coziness, and will likely drift right off to sleep. That is because babies sleep well when they are warm, but when they are cold they cry. So, swaddle your baby!

When babies were in the womb they were in a very small place and felt very cozy and secure. However, upon birth they no longer have a small confined place in which to live but rather a big open world that can be intimidating. Babies who are frightened will cry and not sleep well, but babies that are securely swaddled in a warm blanket will. Give your baby the security he needs in his first month and swaddle him. He will sleep better as a result.

Reduces Colic Symptoms
Another benefit of swaddling is to keep your baby feeling happy and healthy. Many babies suffer from colic and cry as a result night after night after night. Colicky babies don’t sleep well and neither do mom and dad, but if you swaddle your baby the symptoms of colic will be reduced significantly. So, allow your baby to get some rest and swaddle him.

As you can see there are a lot of reasons why you should swaddle your baby and they all promote sleep and are beneficial to your newborn. It might take you a couple of days to become a pro swaddler, but before long you will be just as good as the hospital nurses at wrapping your baby up and anticipating his needs in regards to swaddling tightly or loosely or with arms free or confined. Just take it one day at a time and enjoy your newborn baby!