How Can We Stop Our Toddler Battling Bedtime?

Toddlers are experts at delay. They are also experts at getting attention. Many toddlers employ these skills to try to avoid having to go to bed. Toddlers who battle bedtime can be extremely frustrating and even irritating. Fortunately, there are some things you can do that can help stop your toddler from battling bedtime.

One of the best ways to help your toddler stop battling bedtime is to establish a regular bedtime routine. By having a regular, repetitive routine, your toddler will eventually learn to give up the fight. He will learn what bedtime means, and that no amount of tantrums, delay tactics, or other activities will keep him from having to go to bed. Eventually, going to bed will be a natural part of his day. A bedtime routine for your toddler might include:

– Bathing. While your toddler may not need to bathe every day, you can still take a few minutes to help her wash off her face, and to spot-clean any dirt she may have picked up during the day.

– Tooth brushing. Even if your toddler is too little to use toothpaste, having him brush his teeth with a wet toothbrush will help to instill oral hygiene habits that will last him a long time.

– Putting on pajamas. Battling over which pajamas can be one skirmish in the great bedtime war. To help avoid this, allow your toddler to pick out pajamas earlier in the day, perhaps as a part of his morning routine.

– Reading a book. Bedtime stories are often a toddler’s favorite part of the day. In addition to enjoyment, reading daily to your toddler will help her when it is time to learn to read and write.

In addition to a bedtime routine, there are other things that you can do to help stop your toddler battling bedtime. For some toddlers, playing some gentle music might help to calm them as they get ready to fall asleep. For others, a softly glowing night light might do the trick.

If your toddler is battling you at bedtime, try to talk with him about it. You might discover that there is another cause. Perhaps he is afraid of the bogeyman. Maybe he is worried that you will disappear while he is asleep. Try to dissuade his fears can help him stop battling bedtime.