How Can We Make Thanksgiving Traditional For Our Family?

Thanksgiving is based on a feast that began during harvest time hundreds of years ago and the Pilgrims landing safely in the New World. Since then many traditions have been created within families on how the day should be celebrated. Frequently, these traditions are passed down and continue for generations. Yet, sometimes, new families want to make Thanksgiving traditional for their family with new traditions. But, figuring out exactly how to make Thanksgiving special for your family may be difficult! Consider the following suggestions to help you make Thanksgiving traditional for your family.

The Meal
Thanksgiving without a meal isnt Thanksgiving, but you can create your own traditions on Thanksgiving Day by creating a special meal for your family. Traditionally people have turkey, but if you dont like turkey or just want to do something different then you could serve a special roast, ham, lamb, or another favorite meat.

Keep in mind as well that if you dont like to cook or simply arent very good at it you can have your Thanksgiving meal catered or else head to a nice restaurant for your Thanksgiving meal. Many restaurants really make a big deal about the holiday and serve extravagant meals. You can go out to eat, enjoy your family, and never have a single dish to wash. This might be a tradition you wan to start with your family.

Make Thanksgiving Day a full day affair. Dont simply focus on the meal and then a long nap, unless that is what is traditional for you. Instead, consider including watching a football game in your Thanksgiving Day activities or else watching the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade as a family. Or, perhaps you could have an afternoon pick up football game in your backyard and invite over friends and family to participate. Another idea is to celebrate Thanksgiving on vacation. You might like the beach, mountains, or somewhere tropical, it doesnt really matter, you can go anywhere. The kids are off from school and most people have a break from work, so planning a vacation is perfect around this time. Simply decide where you want to go and head there every year. Thanksgiving is much more about friends and giving thanks than it is about turkey and pumpkin pie!

So, create your own traditions and do whatever sounds fun and exciting to your family. Remember, too, that if you feel like your Thanksgiving Day celebration is stuck in a rut you can always find new ways to celebrate and new traditions for your big day!