Hiccupping Infant – Is He Ok?

During your pregnancy you worried about every little thing from too much fetal movement to not enough. You couldnt wait for your baby to be born so you could see that he was ok and simply relax. Little did you know that once your baby was born the worries would increase tenfold. One worry new parents have is if there baby is ok when hiccupping. This is normal in adults, but is it normal in an infant?

The answer is yes, hiccupping is normal in infants and it might occur frequently or infrequently. It really depends on your infant how often he will have the hiccups. The hiccups will also resolve on their own.

Of course, when your infant is hiccupping you might want to stop them. They can look painful or scary and really stress new parents out. However, most infants dont even recognize the hiccups or care much about them. So, the best treatment is to just let then go away on their own. You will notice that as your child gets a little older he will experience fewer cases of hiccups. This is because his body is maturing and can deal better with feedings.

One important tip is to avoid any old wives’ tales for treating hiccups in infants. This can be dangerous. Your infant does not need water, does not need to hold his breath, and certainly should not be forced to swallow sugar. These old wives’ tales can cause considerable harm whereas the hiccups might sound annoying but they wont hurt your baby. If you hate it when your infant has the hiccups just do your best to get over it. They will resolve on their own and unless your child is showing signs of distress you dont even need to call the doctor.

However, if your baby has the hiccups and it is driving you crazy out of concern then by all means call your pediatrician. More than likely he will tell you it is normal and to simply ignore them or else to try breastfeeding your infant. Maybe the advice of a doctor will help you relax and simply let your infants hiccups resolve on their own.