Grandparents Trying To Discipline Our Child – How To Handle It

If you leave your kids with their grandparents for very long it is likely that at some point the child will misbehave. So, the grandparent will either ignore the behavior and let the kid get away with it or try and discipline the child. Lots of grandparents choose the discipline route much to the dismay of the childs parents. This is because grandparents frequently have different methods of disciplining a child than the parents are utilizing. This can cause problems within the families. So, what can you do if grandparents are trying to discipline your child?

Is it a problem?
The first thing you need to do is determine if it is a problem. Many times the parent who is the child of the grandparents trying to discipline wont have as much of a problem with it as the in law does. Nevertheless, the parents should sit down and determine if the way the grandparents discipline is really a problem and if it needs to be addressed. If it does need to be addressed there are a couple of options. You could simply ask/tell the grandparents not to discipline your children and explain why. Or, you could explain your own discipline method and ask that they employ your method for consistencys sake.

Ask them not to
It is entirely ok to ask the grandparents to simply avoid disciplining your child. Of course, it might be difficult to address and the grandparents might not take it so well. But, if you really dont want the grandparents disciplining your child or dont like the way they handle discipline then you should tell them so. It will cause fewer problems in the long run if you just go ahead and speak up. It wont be easy, but it is worthwhile for your childrens sake.

Explain your discipline method
When it comes to disciplining your children the most important thing is consistency. Because of this grandparents should be aware of your discipline method so they can follow in the event they need to discipline their grandchildren. You can bet on grandparents giving their grandchildren a little more leeway than you do, however even grandparents have to deal with misbehaving kids sometime. It is during these times the grandparents should be armed with your method of discipline so they can carry it out and ensure consistency and good behavior.

These tips just might help you handle the problem of grandparents disciplining their grandchildren when you would rather they didnt or handling it in a way you dont approve of.