Gestures to Commemorate Your Baby’s Life

By Michele Elliott

Often, as the shock of a loss fades away, the need to do something special to honor your baby’s life emerges. There are countless ways to honor your child, and each couple will find something of personal significance for their family. Listed below are several gestures you might want to use.


  • Buy a birthstone necklace, mother’s ring, angel pin, or some other piece of appropriate jewelry.
  • Purchase a cherub figurine for your outdoor garden.
  • Check with your baby’s hospital for memorial items to purchase. Some of the local hospitals offer items to be engraved and hung within the hospital, with proceeds benefiting the pediatric facilities.
  • Donate children’s books to your local library or elementary school in honor of your child.
  • Plant a tree or rosebush for your baby.
  • Write poetry to or about your child.
  • If you were not able to obtain a birth certificate, make one with counted cross-stitch or embroidery.
  • Release some helium filled balloons to the sky. This is especially helpful for your child’s siblings.
  • Purchase an age appropriate gift for your baby and give it to a charity in memory of your child.
  • Buy and display a special frame for your child’s picture.
  • Contribute to your favorite charity in your baby’s name.
  • Create a special place to keep your baby’s things; such as a shadow box, curio cabinet, toy chest.
  • Give each other cards on mother’s or father’s day with special messages of love from your babies.
  • Buy a brick in your city square, to be engraved with your baby’s name.
  • Reach out to others who have lost a baby, to share your experiences.
  • Toss flowers into the ocean.
  • Buy a beautiful candle, and light it on special “anniversary” dates.
  • Hang a stocking for your baby at Christmastime, and place a flower in it on Christmas morning.
  • Purchase a special ornament for your tree.