Finding Emotional Support When You Have Morning Sickness

Morning sickness affects many pregnant women, usually in the first trimester. In fact, morning sickness is one of the first signs you may be pregnant! Lots of women will have to deal with some nausea here and there, but then they will get over it and it won’t affect them mentally too much. However, there are women who experience morning sickness so often that it is more like all-day sickness! Women who are dealing with this need emotional support to help them deal with the changes going on in their bodies, the never-ending sickness, and the emotional rollercoaster they are on.

Who to Talk To?

Women who are pregnant and experiencing this type of morning sickness will want a strong support group. Generally, mothers, sisters, and husbands play an important role in helping the pregnant woman through her morning sickness and onto the second trimester that is known as the honeymoon phase of pregnancy. Most of the time people don’t understand how women feel when they are pregnant and dealing with nausea that just won’t stop. This is debilitating, especially for women who had planned on being excited about being pregnant. It is difficult to be happy when you are hanging out with the porcelain goddess all morning and night. Partners should do their best to be there to offer support and simply listen. Do whatever is necessary to support the pregnant woman and help her through this difficult stage. It is very rare for morning sickness to last the entire pregnancy so most of the time it is only for a couple of months. However, the support group should be aware that morning sickness can cause women to have negative feelings towards their pregnancy and the world in general. It’s just really hard to deal with the hormones, feeling sick, and the knowledge that a little baby is on the way.

Pregnant women should seek out a support person if they don’t have one readily available. Some women find friends who have been pregnant in the past and had to go through the phase of morning sickness are the best to turn to for advice. If you don’t have a friend who has been down this road before then you may consider joining an online forum for women with morning sickness. There is nothing like comparing stories and having someone to talk to who simply understands what you are going through.

It is important to understand that most women are past the morning sickness phase by 12 weeks and there are many tips and tricks that will help you through this stage. These include drinking ginger ale, eating crackers before getting out of bed in the morning, and avoiding eating too much at once. Following these tips and having a support group will help you get past the morning sickness phase and continue on with a pregnancy that is fun and enjoyable!