Easing Anxiety over Starting Kindergarten

The first day of kindergarten is right around the corner and you are starting to get nervous and your child is too. Fortunately, there are many tips that can help you and your child relax and ease the anxiety over starting kindergarten.

Kids are Similar
Your child might be worried about his writing, drawing, or coloring skills and being small. Talk to him about how most kids in his class will have similar abilities to him and everyone will be about the same size. Talk about how some children will be better at math and others at science and that everyone can help each other learn . Knowing that other kids are on his same level will help your child feel confident in his abilities.

One of the most important things you can do as a parent is to relax. If you are anxious and nervous about the first day of kindergarten imagine how your child might be feeling! He will pick up on your feelings and feel scared and overwhelmed. Even if you do feel nervous never let your child become aware of this. Talk to him about how excited you are for him and how much fun kindergarten is to help him relax.

Visit the School
The idea of kindergarten can be a little difficult for a child to imagine if he has never visited a classroom. So, take him by the school and let him see his classroom and meet his teacher before school starts. This will allow him to have an idea of what to expect, know his teacher, and be prepared for the first day.

Above all, talk to your child. You need to talk about any questions, fears, or anxieties he might have. Respond to all his questions with real answers, even if the question seems silly to you. Making your child feel heard and important will allow him to relax and become excited about his first day of kindergarten.

Go Over the Day
Before the first day of kindergarten go over the day with your child. Your childs teacher may be able to give you a handout that talks about the first day. Then, you can talk about this with your child every day leading up to the first day. This will prepare your child and he will feel good knowing what to expect.

Dont Sneak Out
Once you drop your child off at kindergarten dont sneak out. Instead, give your child enough time to talk and say goodbye. You may need to include this in your schedule the first couple of weeks and give your child a time limit as well. Make sure he knows you love him and that you will see him in the afternoon. Reassurance is what your child needs and sneaking out will make him distrustful.