Do You Want to Get Pregnant? Consider These Tips

For some couples getting pregnant seems really easy, but for other couples no matter what they seem to do they just can’t seem to get that positive pregnancy result they have been hoping for. Fortunately there are some tips for getting pregnant that will help you out no matter whether you are trying for the first time or have been trying for months. Also, keep in mind these are just some popular tips and there are really many more that you should talk to your healthcare provider about in order to really up your chances!

Folic Acid
Folic acid is incredibly important to take while you are trying to conceive as well as for the duration of the pregnancy. Taking this supplement before you begin trying will ensure that when you do receive your baby’s chances of a neural tube defect are considerably lower.

Quit Contraception
This seems obvious, but it really is an important part of the equation if you want to get pregnant. If you are on the pill you need to stop taking it, if you are using condoms or any other form of birth control then stop and you will be increasing your odds significantly of getting pregnant.

Eat Healthy, Get Exercise
Women who are healthy and in good shape have an easier time getting pregnant than those who are not. So, if you are overweight consider dropping a few pounds before trying to get pregnant, start an exercise routine, and start eating plenty of vegetables, grains, lean meats, and calcium.

Avoid Alcohol, Cigarettes, Caffeine and Drugs
Alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, and drugs can all decrease your chances of getting pregnant. So, eliminating these from your lifestyle is important in order to get pregnant and also to have a healthy baby. All of these can cause problems with your pregnancy, birth defects, or even miscarriage so it is really important to start weaning yourself off if you want to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy.

Get in Position
After sex it is important for the woman to remain reclined with her legs elevated to assist the sperm in its long travel to the egg. While the sperm can take this trip all by itself with no assistance if you are really wanting to assist your chances of getting pregnant then you should help it along by propping your hips up with some pillows and relaxing for a half hour or so.

Opt for Boxers
Men who wear tight briefs have lower sperm count than those who wear looser underwear like boxers. So, if you are really intent on getting pregnant then have your male partner wear boxers to up the sperm count and help you get pregnant.

These are just some tips that should help you in your quest to get pregnant. If you have been trying for six months with no results then you might consider bringing it up to your healthcare provider although most of the time doctors like for couples to try for at least a year with no results before seeking medical intervention.