Dealing With the Holidays Through a Divorce

The holidays are supposed to be a happy time and they usually are for families who are still together. However, sometimes families break up because the parents no longer want to be married. This in itself is stressful on everyone involved; however it can really have an affect on how holidays are celebrated. So, how are you supposed to deal with the holidays through a divorce? It wont be easy, that is for sure, but the following tips might help you just a little to get through the holiday season without any additional stress.

The Kids
If you have kids the holidays will be made especially difficult during a divorce. Who do the kids celebrate with and when? Both parents obviously want to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with their children, but it is only one day and there is only so much time involved. Then there are the extended families that pressure the parents to have the kids and the already stressful situation intensifies.

If you and your spouse live in the same town then sharing the kids for the holidays is likely the best plan. That way the kids will be with both families for both holidays and traditions wont be affected so much. They will just have to deal with the absence of one parent. If you find yourself in this situation try and work things out with both families so the kids wont be affected more than they have to be.

If you and your estranged spouse live in separate cities or states then sharing the days is nearly impossible. One parent should get Thanksgiving and the other parent Christmas. Deciding between the two may be hard, but do it for the kids. If all else fails put the holidays in a hat and pull one out.

Family Traditions
Family traditions will be affected by the divorce so go ahead and plan on that. Prepare your kids for the changes and let them know that while it is sad for some family traditions to be broken creating new ones can be lots of fun. Also, do your very best to keep as many family traditions going as possible. Do it for your children and for yourself. The holidays can be magical if you let yourself take part in the fun. So, dont get too down and out and focus on the divorce. Instead, focus on family, friends, and your children. That way you can really enjoy the holidays despite the divorce.