Cultural Differences In Potty Training

In Western society many children begin potty training when they are between 18 months and three years old. Before this time period parents rely on diapers to keep their child clean and dry. However, there are other cultures in the world that do not use diapers simply because they are not available or they are too expensive. The way these children are potty trained begins at birth. Many people in Western society are completely shocked at this because babies have no control over their bodily functions until they are older and cant comprehend the concepts of peeing and pooping. Or can they? The idea of infant potty training is one that has been implemented for many years and has been successful around the globe.

If there are no diapers available then the baby must go potty somewhere and it wouldnt make since to just have the baby peeing and pooping wherever he may be. So, infant potty training is the result. It focuses on mothers being aware of their babies and communicating with them. Through this communication mothers can tell when their babies need to go pee or poo. This evolves through observance and taking note of what times of the day the baby eliminates waste. Some babies may eliminate immediately after they eat while others may take an hour or so. Mothers pay attention to these details and then they know when their baby needs to go potty.

At this point the mother simply holds the baby over a toilet, or whatever serves as the toilet, so the waste goes where waste goes. No diapers, no baby wipes, no changing diapers, nothing. It does require a lot of time and effort to train your baby in this manner but it has worked for generations and will work for many more.

Just because you live in a Western culture and can afford diapers does not mean you have to deal with the mess and hassle of them. Instead, why not consider infant potty training? There are now books and DVDs available to help you better understand infant potty training.

There are plenty of cultural differences that exist in all areas of life and potty training is just one of them. If you like the idea of how some other cultures potty train then there is nothing wrong with you potty training your child in this manner as well. Just keep in mind that many people in the West will think you are crazy regardless of whether you are or not. Just ignore them and keep on potty training your infant. You will show them when your infant is potty trained at one and theirs still hasnt even started at three!