Chores for Second Graders

By the time a child is a second grader, she is more than ready to begin helping around the house with certain chores. In fact, many children are ready for chores long before they are second graders. However, finding which chores are the best ones for your second grader, along with finding an appropriate rewards system to encourage your second grader to complete her chores, can be something of a challenge.

When deciding which chores to use for second graders, it is important to keep in mind his specific physical limitations. Some second graders’ motor skills are much more developed than others. Some second graders may be able, for example, to dry the dishes after dinner without having to worry about dropping plates or breaking glasses. Drying the dinner dishes may be a chore that is a bit too much for some second graders, however. When deciding on chores for your second grader, you need to be certain that you are paying attention to what he is physically capable of.

You also need to be conscious of the child’s ability to follow directions, as well as her attention span, when choosing chores for second graders. You will want to make sure that, if the chore is a complex one with several steps, that the child is able to move from one step to the other without a problem. If your child has trouble following more than a couple of steps, you might consider breaking bigger chores up into smaller parts. For example, if you want the child to empty all of the waste baskets in the house, you might put “empty the bathroom waste baskets” as a separate chore from “empty the bedroom waste baskets.”

Finally, it is important to come up with a good reward system to encourage your second grader to complete his chores. Many parents rely on a weekly allowance as a payment for completing all of the second grader’s chores during a given week. However, a weekly allowance doesn’t work for all second graders as a reward for doing chores. In those cases, you might reward privileges, such as extra time playing computer games.

Ultimately, by being aware of your second graders limitations, and by devising an effective reward system, your second grader will be doing her chores in no time.