Chinese Baby Gender Chart – Chinese Gender Calendar Based on Lunar Age at Conception

The Chinese gender chart was supposedly discovered in a Royal tomb about 700 years ago. A Chinese scientist drew this chart to predict the gender of babies. The accuracy of the predictor is based on the mother’s lunar age. Very few charts you find online actually tell you how to calculate this age.

Chinese Gender Calculator – Based on Mom’s Lunar Age at Conception

The Chinese gender calendar version¬†IS¬†based on the mom’s Chinese lunar age. Just input your information in the form, and the calendar does the calculations for you. The Chinese gender calendar gives you your baby’s gender prediction based on your lunar age.

Chinese Gender Predictor Chart

The second tool below is the one you will find all over the internet. The Chinese gender chart gives no way to convert your age into your Chinese lunar age. We expect the results to be correct about 50% of the time, as scientific as flipping a coin.

We are conducting a little experiment here. Check the accuracy of the methods below for each of your children. Then let us know if the results were correct by taking part in our poll for each method.

If there is some truth to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, we expect the first tool to have a higher percentage of correct predictions.

Click on the graphics below and see if the results are accurate for you!

Was Your Baby’s Gender Accuratedly Predicted?

Thanks to Chinese Fortune Calendar for letting us link to this tool.

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