Are Homeschooled Children Less Socialized?

Frequently homeschooling is considered a poor choice by society because children end up less socialized. However, is this really the case? Do children who are homeschooled have better social skills, worse social skills, or are on par with public school children as far as social skills are concerned? The answer is that it really depends … Read more

Where Can I Get Worksheets For Use In Homeschooling?

There are more and more opportunities for homeschooling families today than there have ever been before. The rise in popularity of homeschooling has created a defninte market for homeschooling materials, from full curriculum to simple worksheets. This is a wonderful time to be homeschooling, in terms of the availability of materials. In years past, many … Read more

Taking Field Trips – Essential While Homeschooling?

Many parents wonder if taking field trips are really essential while homeschooling. The question here is why wouldnt you take field trips when homeschooling? Homeschooling provides parents with so many opportunities to teach through fun activities like field trips that every opportunity should be taken advantage of. There are many reasons why parents who homeschool … Read more