Comparing Au Pairs and Nannys

A nanny is a general term that refers to a child-care provider who works in your home, and who works solely for you. A nanny may either live with you (a “live-in” nanny) or may live in her own home and travel to your home to work (a “live-out” nanny). Nannies will have diverse qualifications; … Read more

Essential School Supplies for Second Grade

There are certain essential school supplies that your child will need for second grade. While some of the specific items that your child needs may vary from one school to the next, or from one teacher to the next, the fact of the matter is that there are some school supplies that your child is … Read more

How Can We Make The Transition to Second Grade Easy?

The good news is that, compared to the transition to first grade, the transition to second grade is already relatively easy. While first grade and kindergarten were vastly different in many ways, second grade is in many ways similar to first grade. The biggest differences between first grade and second grade really have to do … Read more

Why Is Homeschooling Becoming So Popular?

Some studies suggest that homeschooling definitely is becoming more popular. What once was considered odd or out of place is rapidly becoming more and more accepted, even by people who don’t themselves homeschool. There are many reasons that more and more parents are homeschooling their children. One of the biggest reasons that homeschooling is becoming … Read more

At What Age Do Children Enter Kindergarten?

As your child turns age three or so you might begin wondering at what point he/she enters Kindergarten. The answer is generally that children enter kindergarten at or around age 5. This means that if your child is four and will turn five within a certain period of time then he/she will be allowed to … Read more