Helping Out In Your Kindergarteners Class

You cant believe your child is about to start kindergarten and you want to be there as much as possible to help make the transition easy. So, you think volunteering in your childs kindergarten class is a great idea. For many parents, children, and classrooms it is, but for some it can create more problems … Read more

What Will My Kindergartener Be Learning?

Many parents are anxious about sending their baby to kindergarten and have many questions. One of the most popular questions parents ask is what will their child learn in kindergarten. The answer varies depending on where your child attends school and his teacher, but most schools and teachers have a very similar curriculum because of … Read more

Essential School Supplies for Kindergarten

The day has finally arrived and your little one is off to his first day of kindergarten. However, is he prepared with all the supplies he might need during the school day? Most teachers will send out a list of school supplies they want each student to have however if you want to get a … Read more

Are There Advantages/Disadvantages to Starting Kindergarten Late?

You have probably heard the debate about children who start kindergarten late and whether it is a good idea to wait or to go ahead and enroll your child in kindergarten on schedule. And, as with everything, there are both advantages and disadvantages to enrolling your child in kindergarten late. The following list of advantages … Read more