At What Age Do Children Enter Kindergarten?

As your child turns age three or so you might begin wondering at what point he/she enters Kindergarten. The answer is generally that children enter kindergarten at or around age 5. This means that if your child is four and will turn five within a certain period of time then he/she will be allowed to … Read more

What Will Be Expected Of My Kindergartener?

Once upon a time kindergarten was for socializing, playing, coloring, and learning the alphabet. However, things have drastically changed and these days expectations are much higher for kindergarteners. In fact, many parents are shocked at what their kindergarteners are expected to know and be capable of at the tender age of five. Continue reading to … Read more

Art & Craft Ideas for Kindergarteners on Rainy Days

You have a full class of kindergarteners who are full of energy and raring to go. However there is no place to go when it is raining outside and the kids are going stir crazy. What can you possibly do to calm them down? Are there any good options to keep them busy and occupied … Read more