Autism And Homeschooling

A family who has an autistic child will realize quickly that the public school system rarely benefits the autistic child. Some parents feel they have no other choice but to send their autistic child to public school and just hope for the best. However, the best is to simply homeschool your autistic child. There are … Read more

Why Is Homeschooling Becoming So Popular?

Some studies suggest that homeschooling definitely is becoming more popular. What once was considered odd or out of place is rapidly becoming more and more accepted, even by people who don’t themselves homeschool. There are many reasons that more and more parents are homeschooling their children. One of the biggest reasons that homeschooling is becoming … Read more

Can I Homeschool Other Children As Well As My Own?

The basis of homeschooling is that parents choose to teach their children at home. There are many motivational reasons behind making this difficult decision and it almost always stems from love and the desire for their children to have the very best. But, some people wonder if while they are homeschooling their child they could … Read more

Preparation & Planning For Starting a Homeschool

Like with anything preparing for and planning to homeschool your child takes a significant amount of work and effort. You need to begin preparing in advance so when the time rolls around for teaching to begin you will be 100% prepared. The following information will help you see what you need to begin preparing and … Read more