What Should I Expect of a Daycare Schedule?

All daycares are different so the typical day at one daycare may be wildly different from the typical daycare at another daycare. However, in many instances the typical daycare schedule is not so different from daycare to daycare. If you want to know a specific schedule from a specific daycare then you need to ask … Read more

Will Attending Daycare Affect My Child in the Future?

One of the biggest worries a parent faces is whether their child will be affected in any way from attending daycare, either on a full-time or part-time basis. Putting your child into daycare is a big step, which some parents feel tremendous guilt over. Will Attending Daycare Affect My Child? The issue is a confusing … Read more

Comparing Au Pairs and Nannys

A nanny is a general term that refers to a child-care provider who works in your home, and who works solely for you. A nanny may either live with you (a “live-in” nanny) or may live in her own home and travel to your home to work (a “live-out” nanny). Nannies will have diverse qualifications; … Read more

Should Gender Play a Role in How We Choose a Babysitter?

The stereotypical image of the teenage boy is a case study in irresponsibility. The teenage boy is reckless, obnoxious, entirely hormonal, generally out of control, and completely unable to cope with any sense of duty. This is the last person that you would want to baby-sit your child! The traditional image of a babysitter is … Read more