How Will Diabetes Affect My Pregnancy?

Diabetes can affect every area of your life. Pregnancy is no exception. In fact, women with diabetes were once discouraged from having children. The good news for the diabetic woman today is that this is no longer the case. Today, advances in medicine have made it much safer than in the past for a woman … Read more

Can You Treat Morning Sickness with Aromatherapy?

Morning sickness is just one of those things. Like so many other things in life, a blessing like expectant motherhood is tempered by a little bit of trial and tribulation, like morning sickness. The frustrating thing about morning sickness is that it can be difficult trying to figure out the best way to treat morning … Read more

Can Herpes Affect My Pregnancy?

Herpes can affect pregnancy. A woman who has genital herpes and becomes pregnant should take very specific precautions to ensure the herpes does not cause complications for her or for her baby during pregnancy and delivery. If you have herpes and become pregnant, you should discuss this with your health care provider so that she … Read more

Making the Best of a C-Section

While you’ll likely do everything that you can to avoid the necessity of a C-section, the fact of the matter is that they’re relatively common. In fact, the national rate for cesarean deliveries is just under 30 percent. You’ve got at least a one in four chance that you’re going to have to give birth … Read more

Complications during Childbirth

  Every couple hopes and prays that their childbirth experience will be normal, happy and relatively uneventful. Complications during childbirth can present real dangers for both the mother and the baby. Whether you have a high risk pregnancy or not, it can be worth understanding some of the possible complications that can come during childbirth. … Read more