Making the Best of a C-Section

While you’ll likely do everything that you can to avoid the necessity of a C-section, the fact of the matter is that they’re relatively common. In fact, the national rate for cesarean deliveries is just under 30 percent. You’ve got at least a one in four chance that you’re going to have to give birth … Read more

Complications during Childbirth

  Every couple hopes and prays that their childbirth experience will be normal, happy and relatively uneventful. Complications during childbirth can present real dangers for both the mother and the baby. Whether you have a high risk pregnancy or not, it can be worth understanding some of the possible complications that can come during childbirth. … Read more

Why Would Labor Be Induced?

  Generally speaking, a baby will be born when he or she is just good and ready to be born. While we speak about pregnancy being exactly 40 weeks, and while we talk about a “due date”, the fact remains that babies can be born within a week or two either direction of a due … Read more

Knowing when Labor Has Begun

It’s not entirely uncommon for a woman to feel like she may be in labor long before she actually is. Many new moms will make at least one trip to the hospital, thinking that today is the day, only to find that they’re sent back home. Knowing when labor has begun means not only watching … Read more

Picking a Labor Coach

The majority of women choose their baby’s father to be their labor coach. However, there are a number of situations where that isn’t practical (or desirable). If he’s no longer part of the picture, or is unwilling to be your labor coach, you’ll still want someone to be there to support and help you through … Read more