Positive Ways to Discipline Children

There are many sayings that confirm the importance of positive discipline with children. “You get more bees with honey than with vinegar,” and “the carrot works as well as the stick” suggest to us that a system of discipline is more effective when it uses rewards or positive discipline, rather than sanctions, or negative discipline. … Read more

Adopting an Older Child Pros and Cons

When a person thinks about adopting a child, they usually think about adopting a new born baby. While it is true that many people who are going to adopt a child do indeed adopt babies, many people have also adopted an older child. Adopting an older child has certain pros and certain cons that you … Read more

Can a Birth Parent Stop an Adoption From Happening?

In some cases, a birth parent can indeed stop an adoption from happening. Whether or not it is possible for a birth parent to stop an adoption from happening depends on a great many factors, including whether the parental rights have been revoked by a court, whether the adoption has been finalized, whether the baby … Read more

Becoming A Step-Parent To A Toddler

Becoming a step parent to a toddler is much easier than becoming a step parent to an older child. Many times the toddler does not understand about a divorce, parents separating, and one parent remarrying. The idea of a step parent does not really make sense and the toddler simply accepts your presence as someone … Read more