Why Do I Feel Guilty & Upset When I Discipline My Children?

Have you ever noticed that you feel guilty and upset when you discipline your children? More than likely your children are doing a good job at making you feel like it is your fault you are disciplining them rather than theirs. Kids learn early on how to manipulate their parents and they know that parents … Read more

Picking Potential Adoptive Parents

The decision to put a child up for adoption is not an easy decision. It is one that many mothers have had to agonize over, and have had to come to terms with. Certainly, there is often a sense of loss as well as guilt when you put your child up for adoption. There is … Read more

Handling Sibling Rivalry In Older Children

Handling sibling rivalry in older children can be both easier and more difficult than handling sibling rivalry in younger children. While it is true that older children can usually be reasoned with more effectively than younger children, the fact of the matter is that older children may often feel much more strongly about their sibling … Read more

What Will The Lack Of Discipline Do To Our Children?

Parents always wonder what kind of adults their children will grow up to be. And, the ultimate person your child will become depends a lot on how you raise them. So, if you discipline your child and teach him what is right and wrong then your child will grow up to respect authority, rules, and … Read more

Changing Your Mind After Agreeing on Adoption

Sometimes, a woman who becomes pregnant without having planned on it may be pressured to place her child up for adoption. In other cases, a woman who becomes pregnant may feel like she wants to and is able to allow her baby to be adopted, right up until the time that the baby is born. … Read more