Behind On Credit Card Bills

by Gary Foreman Dear Dollar Stretcher, My husband and I have one credit card debt to the tune of about $3500. I cancelled the account so we can’t charge any more. We have been making payments of $100 every month which is well below the minimum that the credit card company requests. They call nearly … Read more

Ways to Help Your Child Understand a More Frugal Lifestyle

It’s important to teach your children the values that you hope will shape their adult characters, a practice that includes the definition of money and what it means to us. It’s only natural for children to place importance on material possessions when they are young. They are influenced by their peer group, the advertisements they … Read more

Getting Out of Debt and Saving Money

Getting out of debt and saving money are two important financial ideas that, really, go hand in hand. The fact of the matter is that, just by getting out of debt, you are already saving money. You are saving money in interest and fees, at the very least. Having said that, it is important that, … Read more

Buy Bulk Groceries and Save Money

The economy is in the gutter, job security is nonexistent, gas prices are through the roof- what’s next? The price of food is not far behind. With trips to the grocery store getting more and more expensive, you’re probably wondering how many more hits your bank account can take. Here’s a suggestion- buy more. Buying … Read more