Why Is Thanksgiving Called Thanksgiving?

There are lots of myths about why Thanksgiving is actually called Thanksgiving. And, to tell the truth, the common belief by most Americans about why we actually call this special day Thanksgiving might have been fudged somewhat. Regardless, the reason we believe to be the truth is just as good as some of the other … Read more

Who Gets the Kids for Thanksgiving?

You are separated or divorced and have children. Most of the year you deal with ok but when it comes to the holidays things can get a little stressful. Thanksgiving starts off the holiday season and determining who gets the kids for Thanksgiving can be stressful and just a painful decision for both parents involved. … Read more

Traditional Thanksgiving Dishes

The traditional Thanksgiving dishes really differ among families and even more so among regions of the United States. For example, there are families who bake a turkey and other families who fry one. There are some parts of the country that cant have Thanksgiving without sweet tea and other parts of the country that dont … Read more

How to Throw the Best Thanksgiving Party

If you want to throw the best Thanksgiving party ever then you need to come up with the right ingredients. These may differ for different family and friends, but some of the basic elements will remain the same. The following tips should have you well on your way to planning the best Thanksgiving party ever. … Read more

What Happened at the First Thanksgiving?

Do you know what happened at the first Thanksgiving? You might have a pretty good idea but the fact is that we just dont have too many historical accounts of how the day took place and all that happened. But, we do have some tidbits of information that allow us to piece the day together … Read more