The Best Halloween Treats

Halloween is notorious for its tricks and treats. Here are a few ideas for spooky treats to give on this ghoulish holiday. Temporary tattoos and stickers are great for Halloween and easy on the budget. Most kids love temporary tattoos and they can often be found on the web or in stores in a variety … Read more

How to Make the Best Halloween Themed Cocktails

Halloween shouldn’t be only fun for the kids. If you are planning an adult-themed Halloween party, spirits of many kinds are probably on your list. There are many cocktails that can be transformed into spooky Halloween treats. Here are a few ideas: Blue Ghost Ingredients: 3 part lime vodka 1 part blue curacao Sprite or … Read more

How is Halloween Celebrated around the World?

Every year on “All Hallows Eve,” better known as “Halloween,” people dress up in costumes, trick-or-treat, watch scary movies, and have parties. This tradition originated in Ireland, as the Celtic Irish once thought that on October 31 the spirits of the dead could re-enter the bodies of the living. In turn, the living would dress … Read more

Recipes for Making the Best Halloween Party Food

Halloween is an exciting holiday for both children and adults. If you’re throwing a Halloween party, food is imperative. Have fun with it! Costumes aren’t the only means of dressing up, dress up your cupcakes with plastic spiders or make eerie vampire blood punch. Here are a few recipes that make great spooky Halloween treats! … Read more

Choosing the Best Halloween Costumes

With so many choices, picking the best Halloween costume for you may be tricky. Many contemplate all year about the perfect ensemble. There are many choices that span a variety of budgets. If you are having a hard time deciding what ghoulish creature or funny prankster to be this spooky holiday season, here are a … Read more