Starting Christmas Traditions in Your Family

When new families are just starting out, Christmas can be an especially memorable and special time of the year. Almost every incidental activity that the family engages in has the potential to become a Christmas tradition in your family. From such simple things as making cookies to complex gif-opening rituals, each family has their own … Read more

Coping With Depression Before & After Christmas

Christmas time can ideed be the most wonderful time of the year. However, Christmas can also be an extremely stressful time of the year, straining even the strongest psyche. There are so many things that can trigger depression and anxiety around the holidays, from having house guests to attending parties to shopping, to caring for … Read more

Christmas Party Games for Kids

Christmas parties for children can be extremely joyous events. However, Christmas parties for kids can also go horribly awry if there are not enough party games or activities to keep these active youngsters occupied. Below are several Christmas party games for kids that you may find extremely useful: Here we go a’caroling. Kids tend to … Read more

Making Christmas Traditions That Last a Lifetime

As they get older and start to have families of their own, many people look back with fondness on the Christmas traditions that their family followed. From simple things, such as opening just a single gift on Christmas Eve as a teaser for the big day, to making homemade cookies, to shopping on the day … Read more