The Best Halloween Treats

Halloween is notorious for its tricks and treats. Here are a few ideas for spooky treats to give on this ghoulish holiday. Temporary tattoos and stickers are great for Halloween and easy on the budget. Most kids love temporary tattoos and they can often be found on the web or in stores in a variety … Read more

Starting Christmas Traditions in Your Family

When new families are just starting out, Christmas can be an especially memorable and special time of the year. Almost every incidental activity that the family engages in has the potential to become a Christmas tradition in your family. From such simple things as making cookies to complex gif-opening rituals, each family has their own … Read more

Why Is Thanksgiving Called Thanksgiving?

There are lots of myths about why Thanksgiving is actually called Thanksgiving. And, to tell the truth, the common belief by most Americans about why we actually call this special day Thanksgiving might have been fudged somewhat. Regardless, the reason we believe to be the truth is just as good as some of the other … Read more

How to Make the Best Halloween Themed Cocktails

Halloween shouldn’t be only fun for the kids. If you are planning an adult-themed Halloween party, spirits of many kinds are probably on your list. There are many cocktails that can be transformed into spooky Halloween treats. Here are a few ideas: Blue Ghost Ingredients: 3 part lime vodka 1 part blue curacao Sprite or … Read more

Who Gets the Kids for Thanksgiving?

You are separated or divorced and have children. Most of the year you deal with ok but when it comes to the holidays things can get a little stressful. Thanksgiving starts off the holiday season and determining who gets the kids for Thanksgiving can be stressful and just a painful decision for both parents involved. … Read more