Ways to Keep Financial Crisis from Your Kids

If you find yourself in a difficult situation financially, whether it is job loss, cut in pay, or bad investment, it’s critical that you find a way to bring your children into the conversation. Kids are amazingly perceptive, and always sense when something is wrong, or when anxiety is in the air. Although you may … Read more

Saving Money for a Rainy Day

Saving money for a rainy day is something that most people think about or talk about, but that many people fail to do. The fact of the matter is that one of the most common reasons that people get into debt trouble is because of a situation that could have been made easier if they … Read more

How to Save Your Family Money on Household Bills

As the financial and job markets grow ever more unpredictable, everyone is looking for ways to save money and cut costs. While it’s true that many household bills are not negotiable, there are things you can do to reduce the amount of money they are currently draining from your monthly budget. Teach your children the … Read more

The Best Halloween Treats

Halloween is notorious for its tricks and treats. Here are a few ideas for spooky treats to give on this ghoulish holiday. Temporary tattoos and stickers are great for Halloween and easy on the budget. Most kids love temporary tattoos and they can often be found on the web or in stores in a variety … Read more

Starting Christmas Traditions in Your Family

When new families are just starting out, Christmas can be an especially memorable and special time of the year. Almost every incidental activity that the family engages in has the potential to become a Christmas tradition in your family. From such simple things as making cookies to complex gif-opening rituals, each family has their own … Read more