What Vaccine Exemptions are there?

Have you done the research and decided you do not want to vaccinate your children? You may have any number of reasons to choose not to vaccinate. Your child may have an illness that would be worsened by the shots. Or, perhaps you have religious beliefs that will affect your decision. In other situations, you … Read more

Can Abortion Affect My Fertility in The Future?

As is the case with many other hotly argued social and political issues, it can be difficult to get past the ideological rhetoric and propaganda from both sides of this question. A person’s religious, social, and political beliefs tend to color their perceptions of a question like this. However, even without directly addressing the question … Read more

How To Recognize And Treat A Yeast Infection

Women who have experienced a yeast infection can vouch for just how uncomfortable and miserable it can make your life. Once you’ve had a yeast infection, you’ll probably never want it again. A yeast infection often starts as an itchy feeling you might hardly notice. The itch will get worse and worse, and soon you … Read more

What are Vaccines?

Vaccines are prepared with biological properties and administered through injections or oral suspensions. They help protect the body from diseases by improving or creating immunity to the particular disease in the vaccine given. Vaccines have been around for hundreds of years and were first used to protect against smallpox. It was noted that individuals exposed … Read more