Depression and Menopause

Biological factors cause depression, most specifically the hormones in the brain. Your mood is regulated by serotonin and when the levels of this hormone drop then mood can fluctuate and severe depression may be experienced. When a person experiences depression symptoms may included feeling hopeless and sad for prolonged periods of time. There are a … Read more

5 Key Tips for Menopause

  Menopause, like many other women’s health issues, tends to have a different effect on every woman. Some women will struggle greatly with this big life change; other women may experience little or nothing in the way of symptoms. It’s no wonder that most women do experience symptoms, however. Your body is changing dramatically. As … Read more

How Does Menopause Happen?

Have you ever wondered how menopause happens? Basically, it’s a simple part of the aging process. The ovaries produce hormones during the reproductive years however as a woman ages her ovaries gradually begin producing less and less of various hormones. As a result, women experience menopausal symptoms. Most women begin to experience a decline in … Read more