How Much TV Is Suitable For My Toddler To Watch?

The question of how much TV is suitable for a toddler to watch is a difficult one. On the one hand, there are advocates such as those at the American Academy of Pediatrics that do not recommend TV at all for children age 2 or younger. The AAP also recommends that older children be limited … Read more

Withholding Bowel Movements When Potty-Training

More than likely you will find potty training your child for pee is relatively easy. The challenge frequently arises when potty training for BMs. There are many reasons why, but frequently children withhold their BM during the potty training process. The following explanations are some of the more common ones regarding withholding bowel movements during … Read more

Benchmarking Your Baby’s First Year

  The first year of your baby’s life is one of the most exciting times you’ll experience. This is the time when your child develops skills at a rate faster than any other time. It’s filled with “firsts” like first word, first step and first food. But with all the excitement, how can you be … Read more

toys for infants 9-12 months

By the time your infant reaches the age of 9-12 months, he is beginning to make things happen on his own. He is pushing buttons, he is pulling switches, he is grabbing objects, and he may even be crawling. Infants at this age can now interact with their toys in new and exciting ways. At … Read more