Do I Need to Potty Train Before Preschool?

This isn’t exactly an easy question, or at least not one that lends itself to a universal answer. The fact of the matter is that it can vary greatly from one preschool to the next. Some preschools will absolutely demand that your child is already potty trained before he starts. Most preschools fall into this … Read more

When Can I Expect My Baby To Crawl?

Crawling is the very first way that your baby will be able to get around on his own. While learning to crawl, he will start by balancing on his knees and hands. Eventually, he’ll discover that he can move forward and backwards by using his knees to push off. In general, your baby will probably … Read more

How Can We Teach Our Toddler Manners?

Teaching a toddler anything takes a great deal of time and patience. While toddlers will often learn to do things that interest them quickly and on their own, learning manners is tyopically not one of those situations. Still, a toddler who learns manners and then uses them can help to boost his self confidence. In … Read more

Protecting Your Baby’s Skin from the Sun

Your baby’s skin is, like most of the rest of your baby, a rather delicate thing. Your baby’s skin is more vulnerable, for example, to the harmful rays of the sun than, let’s say, the skin of an adult. Because of this, there are a we things that you ought to consider doing that will … Read more