Cleaning Your Pump Parts At Work

For Moms who pump at work, one of the essential things to know, is how to keep your breastpump parts clean. Each breastpump manufacturer includes, in the set of instructions, recommendations on cleaning their particular pieces – but if you’re like I was – you skipped that part, and were more concerned with figuring out … Read more

Dealing with Clogged Milk Ducts during Breastfeeding

One of the more frustrating experiences that can come along with breastfeeding is that of clogged milk ducts. Clogged milk ducts are especially common during those early days of breastfeeding, although they can happen at any time. Understanding what causes clogged milk ducts and, more importantly, knowing how to go about dealing with clogged milk … Read more

Are There Benefits to Bottle Feeding?

There are many benefits to breast feeding. No one would seriously deny that. However, some mothers are not able to breast feed, or choose not to for any number of legitimate reasons. All too often, they are made to feel as if they have somehow cheated themselves and their baby, and this simply isn’t true. … Read more