Can a Pregnancy Test Show If I’m Carrying Twins?

As soon as you receive a positive pregnancy test you might immediately wonder if you could be pregnant with twins or more. Most women go through a phase where they wonder if they are actually pregnant with multiples. This is normal, but the only way to determine if there is more than one fetus in the uterus is through ultrasound. Pregnancy tests will only detect the pregnancy hormone in your body and let you know whether you are pregnant or not. There is no way a pregnancy test can tell you for sure whether or not you are carrying twins or more.

However, if your doctor performs a pregnancy test and the hormone levels are higher than average then this might be an indication there is more than one fetus or it could be that your body is just producing more hormone. Detecting the actual level of the hormone in your urine or blood is the only way to know for sure if it is elevated above normal. At this point your doctor may want to perform an ultrasound to check and see if there is more than one fetus.

Most of the time in early pregnancy a transvaginal ultrasound is performed. This is where a probe is inserted into the vagina to conduct the ultrasound closer to the fetus. It is not a comfortable procedure and some light bleeding may occur afterwards, but it is very safe and the best way to date a pregnancy and to see if there is more than one baby.

So, if you take a pregnancy test and it is positive you will know you are pregnant. However, you wont know whether you are carrying twins or more until a real ultrasound is performed. And, sometimes the transvaginal ultrasound doesnt even pick up a multiple pregnancy until 15-20 weeks gestation.

The best thing to do once you receive a positive pregnancy test is to simply relax and contact your doctor for your first prenatal appointment. It might seem like a scary and exciting time and wondering if you are pregnant with multiples might make you even more anxious. So, simply call your doctor, make an appointment, and in no time you will know how many fetuses you are carrying! Keep in mind that most women only have one fetus so the probability of twins is unlikely. That is unless you are on fertility drugs or older than 35! Regardless of whether you are pregnant with one or more you will be a great mom and have a healthy pregnancy when you have regular prenatal care.