At What Age Does My Infant become a Toddler?

With all the stages your new child goes through, it is often difficult to pinpoint when they move from one to the next. The stages are classified by what happens to the child mentally, intellectually and socially. Certain skills are developed in each of these stages and it is important to know where your child stands. Development in the early years is very important. It is always good to know where your child stands emotionally and developmentally.

An infant becomes a toddler at the age of one. The toddler stage occurs between the ages of one and two. During this time, mobility becomes increasingly more noticeable. Independence becomes identified and defiance is normal. Toddlers begin to recognize themselves when shown pictures or placed in front of a mirror. They also begin to mimic the behavior of those around them.

During this year, children will gain approximately three to five pounds. The new mobility that babies implement during this year make their outward appearances seem more like a small child and less like a baby. Faces become less round and arms and legs become more defined. By the end of the toddler stage, most children are walking, running, and jumping. At first walking may be clumsy, but as a child ends his or her toddler stage this usually subsides.

Children in the toddler stage think they are the center of everything. They can often be grumpy when forced to do things they don’t like or want. They begin to become more interested in their surroundings and touching or getting into EVERYTHING is not abnormal. Toddlers may begin to suffer from separation, this usually coincides with walking.

The toddler stage may be somewhat difficult. Most toddlers begin to develop a strong sense of self. They can also be easily upset. Make sure to stay patient with your child. This stage is extremely important for developing spatial skills and people skills. Although it may be difficult to get your toddler to understand the concept of sharing, make sure to keep them involved with others their age. Read to your toddler and show them lots of pictures. This period in a child’s life is very important for development, make sure to stay engaged no matter how difficult it may be. This will, in turn, make it easier for them as they continue growing and maturing.