Are There Supplements That Can Help Me With A Low Sperm Count?

Having a low sperm count can be an extremely frustrating thing for a man. So much of a man’s identity is tied up in his virility, not to mention the natural disappointment and feelings of failure that come with being unable to conceive. However, having a low sperm count does not have to mean that a man will not be able to conceive. It also doesn’t mean, necessarily, that a couple will have to undergo complex and expensive fertility treatments. There are things that a man can do to try to address the low sperm count, apart from fertility treatments. Many men, for example, have had success with using nutritional supplements that can help with a low sperm count.

Several vitamin and mineral supplements are thought to help with a low sperm count. Vitamin C, for example, helps sperm count by helping to keep the urinary tract clear. Vitamins E and B12 may also help you with a low sperm count. Some research suggests that a zinc deficiency may contribute to a low sperm count, so taking Zinc supplements may be able to help as well. Be careful with Zinc, however, because there is some research that also suggests that too much zinc can lead to a problem with sperm motility.

There are some other things that may help with a low sperm count. There are two specific proteins, sometimes called Carnitine, that help to not only produce sperm, but help sperm to move forward the way that they are supposed to, that may taken. In addition, there is some research to suggest that fish oils may also help with a low sperm count.

Some lifestyle choices, in addition to supplements, may help you with a low sperm count. You should eliminate alcohol, which can not only contribute to a low sperm count but can cause sexual problems. The same goes for smoking tobacco. Dietary changes, such as eating a balanced diet rich in fiber and drinking at least 48 ounces of water every day may also help with a low sperm count.