Aches And Pains During The Second Trimester

Pregnancy can, in general, be a time that has constant aches and pains. During the second trimester, the good news is that your aches and pains will typically be fewer, and will also typically be milder, than your aches and pains were in the first trimester, or than they will be when you get into your third trimester.

Some of the aches and pains during the second trimester have a lot to do with the growth of your baby. At your 12th week of pregnancy, when the second trimester starts, your baby is relatively small, and your uterus has quite a bit of expanding still to do. At the start of the third trimester, around your 27th week of your pregnancy, your baby will be as much as four times the size it was at week 12. Your uterus has grown to the point that it won’t fit just in your pelvis anymore, and it has begun to push your internal organs around, away from the places that they usually occupy.

This moving and rearranging inside of your body causes, among other things, your center of gravity to change. It also causes your pelvic joints to loosen and soften. As this happens, it is common for you to experience back pain, especially pain in the lower back. You can help to alleviate the back aches and pains during the second trimester by exercising and maintaining good posture.

Another common ache and pain during the second trimester is heartburn or indigestion. Because your expanding uterus is putting pressure on your stomach, you are more likely to experience acid reflux. You may be able to avoid this by avoiding fried foods and by avoiding becoming too full.

Leg cramps are another common ache and pain during the second trimester. These will very often happen at night, and can be very disruptive to your sleeping patters. These cramps may be cause by the pressure that your growing uterus is putting on the nerves in your legs, or they may have to do with fatigue or even diet.

Ultimately, the second trimester’s aches and pains are generally mild and comparatively easy to remedy.