Is It Safe To Exercise During The Third Trimester?

Exercise is important all through a person’s life and pregnancy is no different. The question is not whether it’s safe to exercise in during the third trimester, but what kind of activity is safe. Pregnancy is a stage in a woman’s life when her body is not entirely her own. She has to be mindful … Read more

What Should I Expect During My Third Trimester?

By the time the third trimester rolls around most women are accustomed to their pregnancy and excited and nervous about the impending delivery. During the last three months of pregnancy the baby will put on weight and continue growing. The baby’s lungs will mature more and prepare the baby for delivery. Moms at this stage … Read more

Mood Changes During The First, Second & Third Trimester

Changing moods are a common part of pregnancy. The sheer physical changes that are taking place to a woman’s body during this time are enough to create a variety of emotion responses, to say nothing of the general excitement and anxiety that come with the process of pregnancy and preparing to be a parent. Mood … Read more

Leaking Breasts During The First, Second & Third Trimester

Throughout pregnancy, your body goes through tremendous changes. In addition to the obvious, the growth of your baby, you will experience a variety of other side effects. One of the most common side effects is the leaking of fluid from your breasts. This fluid, called colostrum, is generally clear and sweet to the taste. It … Read more

Making it Through the Third Trimester

Most women are more than ready to have their pregnancy over by the time the third trimester starts. Three more months, and baby will be here. For many, the third trimester symptoms are the most challenging. Hang in there, baby will be in your arms soon enough. Here are some of the main third trimester … Read more