Handling Sibling Rivalry In Older Children

Handling sibling rivalry in older children can be both easier and more difficult than handling sibling rivalry in younger children. While it is true that older children can usually be reasoned with more effectively than younger children, the fact of the matter is that older children may often feel much more strongly about their sibling … Read more

Does Birth Order Affect Sibling Rivalry?

Any number of factors can affect sibling rivalry. From things such as the proximity in age of children, to the specific family environment, to things like personality disorders or mental illness, the causes of sibling rivalry are nearly innumerable. Even birth order is thought to affect sibling rivalry to one degree or another. The first … Read more

Can I Avoid Sibling Rivalry Among My Children?

Sibling rivalry among your children cannot be completely avoided. The fact remains that sibling rivalry is a common and normal occurrence. In some cases, sibling rivalry can merely be a positive form of competition among your children. However, in many cases, sibling rivalry can grow from being a small dispute among your children into an … Read more

Sibling Rivalry In Teenagers

Sibling rivalry can occur in siblings of any age, from very small children all the way through adults. In some cases, sibling rivalry may be very intense in the early years, but may become less intense as the siblings grow and mature. In other cases, sibling rivalry might not even begin to appear until the … Read more