Are There Certain Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy?

While nutrition is always important, it is especially a concern for the pregnant woman. In addition, pregnancy creates a unique set of circumstances in which your baby depends exclusively on the food choices that you make for her well-being. Certain foods can contain chemicals that may be harmful to your baby’s growth and development while … Read more

Pregnancy Travel Tips

When it comes to pregnancy, even something as straightforward as a family vacation can become something of a concern. There are the obvious concerns, of course, such as not traveling in your third trimester or not being too far from home after a certain point in your pregnancy. However, there are some other pregnancy concerns … Read more

Reasons for Bleeding during Early Pregnancy

  Pregnancy can be a time of great joy, excitement and anticipation, but it can also be a time of many fears and worries. One of the things that can cause an excessive amount of stress and worry for a woman who’s pregnant is bleeding. While bleeding in pregnancy isn’t always a sign that there’s … Read more

How Will Diabetes Affect My Pregnancy?

Diabetes can affect every area of your life. Pregnancy is no exception. In fact, women with diabetes were once discouraged from having children. The good news for the diabetic woman today is that this is no longer the case. Today, advances in medicine have made it much safer than in the past for a woman … Read more