How Soon is Too Soon for Potty Training?

Most children in the United States are potty trained between the ages of 18 months and three years old. Many, however, believe that early potty training can be accomplished at a much younger age. The main argument against early potty training is that babies don’t have the physical muscle development needed for real toilet training … Read more

10 Outcomes You Will Love Before Potty Training

1. Declaration of Independence – As walking and talking, the potty training period is a milestone of independence. Potty training can allow you and your child to Declare Your Independence, you from the controlling, autocratic, punitive potty training methods used by past generations, and your child from the methods using yelling, threatening, ridiculing and even … Read more

Creative Potty Training

Creative Potty Training When I was potty training my two young boys, I discovered this method of potty training that made it an enjoyable, yet very effective way to potty train toddlers. First, make sure your child is ready for potty training, shows interest, wants “big kids pants” etc. If they show no signs of … Read more

Cultural Differences In Potty Training

In Western society many children begin potty training when they are between 18 months and three years old. Before this time period parents rely on diapers to keep their child clean and dry. However, there are other cultures in the world that do not use diapers simply because they are not available or they are … Read more