Secondary Infertility: The Big Surprise

Imagine this scenario: you and your partner have been together for a decade and had three lovely children together in that time. As time goes on, your happy family decides that another bundle of joy would only make your short time on this earth even more precious. So, you and your partner go through the … Read more

Helping a Friend through Infertility

There are around 7 million women each year in the United States alone that struggle with trying to get pregnant. Chances are pretty good you know someone that’s struggling with infertility right now, even if they haven’t shared their struggle with you. It’s hard, sometimes, to know what to say. The pain and frustration that … Read more

Creating an Infertility Treatment Timetable

One of the things you might want to do when beginning infertility treatments is to map establish a timeline. Thinking about how far you want to go – how many treatment cycles you’re willing to or can afford to undergo, what feels “right” for you and your partner, and what situations you are comfortable to … Read more

The Emotions of Infertility

Infertility isn’t just about low sperm counts, blocked fallopian tubes, irregular ovulation, and whether or not the man wears briefs or boxers. Infertility is about real people struggling from month to month, riding a violent roller coaster of hope, anticipation, and disappointment. Successfully coping with infertility means identifying and working through the feelings that come … Read more