Saving Money for Kids College Education

It is important that parents start as saving money for kids’ college education as early as possible. The sooner that saving money for kids college education begins, the more effective the saving will be, and the less of a burden it will be as well. There are a variety of ways today that parents can … Read more

Physical Education/ Athletics – Keeping Fit While Homeschooling

Homeschooling is not all about reading and writing, science and math, and history and geography. Homeschooling is also about teaching your child how to live a healthy lifestyle and to include physical activity in their daily routine. There are several ways you can help your child stay fit while homeschooling. Sports You should check with … Read more

Saving on Education Related Expenses

With all the other demands placed on your budget, finding room for one more expense may seem impossible. How in the world are you supposed to fund your education when everything else is just as high on the priority scale? Saving money for college or other educational pursuit can be incredibly frustrating, not to mention … Read more


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What Should I Expect of a Daycare Schedule?

All daycares are different so the typical day at one daycare may be wildly different from the typical daycare at another daycare. However, in many instances the typical daycare schedule is not so different from daycare to daycare. If you want to know a specific schedule from a specific daycare then you need to ask … Read more