Why Do I Feel Guilty & Upset When I Discipline My Children?

Have you ever noticed that you feel guilty and upset when you discipline your children? More than likely your children are doing a good job at making you feel like it is your fault you are disciplining them rather than theirs. Kids learn early on how to manipulate their parents and they know that parents … Read more

What Will The Lack Of Discipline Do To Our Children?

Parents always wonder what kind of adults their children will grow up to be. And, the ultimate person your child will become depends a lot on how you raise them. So, if you discipline your child and teach him what is right and wrong then your child will grow up to respect authority, rules, and … Read more

Positive Ways to Discipline Children

There are many sayings that confirm the importance of positive discipline with children. “You get more bees with honey than with vinegar,” and “the carrot works as well as the stick” suggest to us that a system of discipline is more effective when it uses rewards or positive discipline, rather than sanctions, or negative discipline. … Read more

Using Time-Outs As Your Main Discipline Technique

Many families use timeouts as the main discipline technique. However, do you know why timeout works? It is because the child does not receive any positive reinforcement for his actions. In fact, while in timeout he receives absolutely no reinforcement either positive or negative for a period of time set forth by the parents. When … Read more

Why Are My Discipline Methods Not Working?

Some parents believe they discipline their children yet are shocked that their kids do not respond to the discipline and it doesnt change their actions. In these situations the parents wonder why their discipline methods are not working. The answer is that most of the time the discipline methods being implemented are not working because … Read more