You Are My Miracle

There were no ballons, no celebration at your birth. A bedjacket, blanket in matching flannel, donated by charitable hands for the poor little babies with nothing. They placed you in my arms, another mother’s child and said you’d only stay awhile. But oh I loved you. I loved you. There was no warning when your fever shot up and your infant body lay in tubes and needles. The hours ached slowly on in the darkened hospital room where I rocked you. You had no mother but me and were desperately alone. The nurses warned me not to give my heart along with my hands for you were not mine forever. But you needed me and Oh I loved you. I loved you. And in the months and years ahead though I did not bear you my labor was agony as uncertainty and danger loomed ever near for you. I wept over you sleeping innocent of your precarious peace and how I loved you. Three wrenching years later you are growing and happy and safe in my arms. God has worked a miracle in you. Against all odds you are my child forever. My joy born of faith and hope and prayer and suffering. Sweet angel, little peach you are a song, a butterfly, a sunbeam streaming from beyond the clouds and oh how I love you. I love you.

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