Who Else, But A Mother?

Who first loves and nurtures us
and takes care of every need,
as she accepts into her life
someone new to bathe and feed?

Who brags about accomplishments;
first teeth…first sounds…first smile
and makes every little thing that’s done
seem important and worthwhile?

Who’s been known to, after dark
enter a room and slowly creep
to bend and kiss the forehead
of a child fast asleep?

Who holds a hand while crossing
as she thoughtfully conveys
a reminder to her child
that he should always “look both ways?”

Who wipes peanut butter off a cheek
and crayon off the wall
and knots an untied shoelace
to avoid a likely fall?

Who watches the swift passing
of childhood years that she will mourn,
and remembers every small detail
about the day that child was born?

Who works the longest hours
without a vacation…or a check,
but accepts her payment in the form
of a hug around her neck?

Who never stops believing
even when others are in doubt
and defends the fact her child was “safe”
when the umpire calls him out!?

Who senses things just aren’t right
and with the palm of her hand decrees
by placing it on her child’s brow…
the fever’s 101 degrees?

Who shares life’s disappointments
and feels the pain of all the bruises
and delights in her child’s winnings,
but offers solace when he loses?

Who realizes as the years pass by…
the further her child will roam
and who stays up late with worry
when that child isn’t home?

Who tries to shield and protect
by showing courage…staying strong;
trying to set a good example
while her heart is breaking all along?

Who acts as a private tutor
as the years fall in succession
by taking each opportunity
to teach life’s every lesson?

Who listens with her heart
even when her child is grown
and understands the feelings
that she once herself, had known?

Who saved old cards and letters
and kept pictures on the shelves
and offered unconditional love
so we could learn to love, ourselves?

This poem describes one person;
a woman unlike any other,
for who could possess that level of love…
Who Else, But A Mother?

(c) 1998 Linda Ellis All Rights Reserved

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