Where was my Baby?

I saw a mom holding her precious baby boy
her face was bright and filled with joy

Where was my baby?

In a hospital 180 miles away
I went to see him the next day

He lay flat on a warming table
surrounded by tubes and wires
But this happens to be
what his situation required

He had an operation when he
weighed 1 pound 9 ounces
I can’t wait until the day
that my baby boy bounces

Now he lays in an isolette
holding my finger in his hand
I want to be the one to
answer to his every demand

When I leave the hospital,
I kiss Brandon and tell him good-bye
When I am away from him
my eyes do not stay dry

Sleep, my little one sleep,
get plenty of rest
I promise mommy will take you home soon
and we will both be at our best

(c) Jamie Tino All Rights Reserved

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